Esports betting? bad or good?

CS GO Betting Sites shouldn’t promote minors to bet!

Gambling addictions is a real thing. A lot of people seems to forget to be rational in a scenario where they bet. Do not get me wrong, I am for gambling. People that can restrain themselves shouldn’t suffer – and gambling is a big part of basically all sports. And it is just as, or even more, important for esports, as it will help the industry grow.

Skin betting then?

However, skin betting is just too big of a risk. As most of you know – VALVE just recently shut down cs go betting sites option to bet on skins drastically! But it should never have grown that large. Minors shouldn’t be able to bet at all, whether is a fake currency or not. Research have stated that they are more prone to fall into bad habits later on in life as well.

The industry should be questioned

It seems to be unclear if VALVE or any third-party site will suffer any consequences. But it is clear that the industry needs to be regulated.

What will happen?

Most likely, skin betting per se will not be illegal. But sites will have to get proper licenses and such that will make it impossible for minors to gamble. When this is done – skin betting can actually become a big part of how you gamble on esports!

Alternatives to skin cs go betting sites

In the meantime, you should all look for alternatives to cs go betting sites – esportslobby for example, shows you which bookmakers that offers csgo.

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